Josh Reutzel
Dream, Adventure, Rescue, Repeat.



My name is Josh Reutzel.  You say my last name like pretzel just without the “P.”  

Hi, my name is Josh Reutzel.  I’m a recent graduate from Unity College (America’s Environmental College) with a BS in Adventure Therapy now living in Connecticut.  While attending college I was able to practice and hone my skills working jobs such Campus Activities, the Marketing Department, and with the local Humane Society. 

I was able to take classes such as Intro and Intermediate Rock Climbing, Intro into Winter Pursuits, and other adventure related classes.  So no matter if you want to hike in for miles for a photo, or take a video going down some class five rapids, I’m your person.

While attending school I was able to learn using all types of lighting including cheap stage lights, overpriced flashes, LED panels and more.  I always love to use the natural light while out, but I won’t shy away from using man made light.

At college, I was able to learn about the impacts on the planet the we are leaving.  I want to be more than a man with a camera, so if possible, I want my work to showcase and tell the story of people and other animals working for a better tomorrow.  From my experience, those who explore nature, want to save nature.  Not all heroes wear capes, but all heroes Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

I am also an avid sticker “collector.” Meaning most of my belongings have at least one sticker on them.  Once in a while I make my own stickers, check them out in my store. 

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