My name is Josh Reutzel.  You say my last name like pretzel just without the “P.”  

I am a self taught photographer and videographer, along with that I taught myself how to be a storyteller combining my love for working with camera with “write like you speak” writing style.  I focus on anything with a relation to the outdoors.  Everything from rock climbers hanging off cliffs in Acadia to product photos of a dope pair of gloves.

I graduated from Unity College (America’s Environmental College) in 2018 with a BS in Adventure Therapy.  While at college I did not study media, I worked for the Campus Activities Board as the photographer, for Marketing as a student blogger, and a small time with the Outdoor Adventure Center working with their facebook page.  At college I was also able to make connections with great environmental writers and advocates that I am still in constant contact today.

Coming from Unity and from a very environmentally conscious house, I have a job to make the planet a better place then when I got here.  Therefor, my goal is to capture the stories of success and inspiration to help propel the environmental movement while also attempting to clean up as much as I can.

I have to thank my dog, I know it is weird, but without her, there would be no PReutzel. She has helped me in times of need and gotten me through tough times. Tegan will be coming along on most, if not all the adventures with me, helping me document the story.