Josh Reutzel
Dream, Adventure, Rescue, Repeat.

CM5001 Storytelling

Hello, My name is Josh

I'm at that in between point in my life, where you should be an adult but you still can only afford cheap beer. That point where your friend says I'm pregnant and you don't know to say "oh shit" or "congrats." This is the stage of your life when you've been thrown from college parties and ramen dinners to job interviews and ramen dinners.

Recently I have left college and I'm looking at all the opportunities I was promised. I was just late the day they told us about having sixteen unpaid internships, having money, and a reliable car. I have a '01 Jeep, so missed out of the car part. I'm working a job making a little over 16k a year, so far 0 for 2. You can bet your ass, I know my work's worth, so those unpaid internships aren't happening.

Instead, I am going to do this by myself, for better or worse, for amazing burnout or glorious victory, I'm in this for it all. I want to be a storyteller, I have no idea how to get to there, no knowledge of what I am doing, and also no clue on what is going on.

I have a job that pays bills and gives me days off, with advancement notice and agreeing to no pay, but hey, I can take the day off. I am going to document my journey of what I'm doing to reach my ending. Either through writing, photo, or my personal favorite, video, I am going to bring you along with me. From a nobody behind an old Mac Book to the best Nature Storyteller, or at least a dope one.

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